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I just completed my NCMHCE exam this morning - and I PASSED (first try) "with flying colors" - just as you said I would! Thank you. Your program came highly recommended to me and I'm so thankful I heeded the suggestion to go with counselingexam.com. There were so many options - each claiming to offer the best method for passing the exam. Without question I made the right choice. I studied for hours and hours and hours, and completed the majority of each tutorial, and every simulation test (I think the simulations really helped - when I took the real exam, it all seemed so familiar - thanks to what you offered). A person could get overwhelmed and lost in preparing for this exam, but you provided a logical map for navigating my way through. My test results (PASS) are evident of this. What a great team you have and I am so happy that I was a part of it (in some obscure way) for the past two months. Several colleagues of mine are talking about taking this exam in the future - I will gladly recommend your program to all. Thank you again. With gratitude, Marla J. Barnard

CounselingExam.com was recommended by students and faculty at my school. I did 60 days of prep: set of simulations daily and 3-hr practice exams on the weekends. What others told me was right - you really need to learn the unique format of the exam. I found the Review Answers function was very helpful feedback. I passed the NCMHCE on my first try, even though I'd been sick for a week. The online test prep format was nearly identical to the actual exam.

I passed on my first attempt!!! I truly don't think I, or anyone else, could pass the exam without this service! Here's why: it's not about what you know, your knowledge base, or how you apply your education to your field. Passing is about knowing how to take the exam "the creators" created. When I answered the questions based upon the laws and regulations in my field (crisis counseling)...I scored 4% out of 100%!!! The exam takes points off for information that does not apply to "the creators" way of thinking. FOR EXAMPLE: In my field I need to assess for SI/HI, family history, medical issues, history, work, family and social...etc..in order to gain a solid comprehensive state of my patient that is in a crisis state. When I answered the questions from that stance, I failed every time! For your own sake and prosperity toward your field, use this service!!! The people were great when I called, and I'm moving ahead because of Counselingexam.com!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

"Here is the deal: This is not a test over what you learned in grad school or how good of a counselor you'll be. This is a test of how to take a test. If you don't know how to take this test, you will fail because it is NOT like any test you've ever taken. This website teaches you exactly how to take this test and it is uncannily accurate! I signed up for the three-month subscription and passed the first time I took the NCMHCE. One word of advice: If you're not able to "Pass" the 3-hour online simulation tests through this website, don't take the exam yet. Once you can pass those, you'll pass the "real" exam. Thanks to this website for ensuring I passed!"

I PASSED:) I followed your tips and took my time to answer. Your website covered the latest crucial information contained in the test, particularly helpful were the Clinical Supervision, Groups, Gotta Know...and, the Breaking News. Of course the simulations were just like on the real test. Perhaps the most important section for me were the ones containing the Differential Diagnosis and DSM-5 information (I graduated in 2012 when we were still learning based on the DSM IV.) The flash cards...everything on this website was VERY HELPFUL!

Linton, I am not a great test taker, but your program really worked for me. I passed the first time! I found your site easy to use and filled with information! The most useful aspect were the simulations. You really thought of everything!

I purchased two different exam preparation programs and this one was by far, the best! I just passed the NCMHCE on the first try! The practice quizzes were very helpful and the three hour practice exams were just like the real thing. After using this material, I was totally prepared and I truly believe that the study material is the reason I passed so easily. Thank you CounselingExam.com! I am so happy to cross this milestones be off my list.

This site was EVERYTHING!!! I passed easily because of this site. Very similar to the test.

Just wanted to let you know I passed. I had scheduled the NCMHCE for May and I had studied but I didn't feel prepared, so I rescheduled for June. A couple of suggestions--it would be helpful for studying to tweak how the flip cards work. I noticed that when you remove a card, it reappears in subsequent sessions and you can't progress through cards randomly. This means you have to spend a lot of time to get past the same cards every time. I thought the website was helpful, albeit expensive. Most LPCs are not making a whole lot of money. I suppose there are other options for studying, but this most closely resembles the structure of the exam, from what I've seen.

Today, I took the exam and passed thanks to your comprehensive program! All the quizzes, exams, and simulations really provided me with an understanding of what to expect, and before I was even done with the test I could tell I was going to pass. Thank you for the helpful program!
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