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I struggled with the spelling errors found all over the site. It would be nice for a website designed for professionals to appear professional on all accounts. Using a 3rd party editor might be helpful in eliminating these issues.

I wasn't as ready for all the vignettes. Most of the exam was in the form of vignettes. I felt that the information provided on the theories got me through. Do think the tests should be similar to the national exam

I was surprised at all the information that was not on the exam. Diff Dx, Group therapy, Couples therapy, record keeping, were NOT on the exam. I got all the Dx's correct and still failed the exam.

The video explanations of theory are just awful. I think the format of presentation of the videos is poorly done as well as the selection of presenters. The website isn't organized in a logic, easily-navigable order.

The exam was too simplistic. It made me anxious how little information is actually in the vignettes; to the point where I started to over complicate the answers. The exam was so simple, it was hard. The vignettes in this website, moderately resemble the DSM-5 update and they were semi-helpful, but they did have a couple of trick questions in there.

The scenarios were great, and very much like the real test. The flashcards were not the best, I wish some of the other information on this site was organized better

The questions on the real test are totally different than these.

I failed. I was REALLY vigilant and studied every single simulation. I'm smart too. I can go into a few reasons this regimen doesn't make sense but ... :(

Counselingexam.com is absolute overkill of information. I didn't need to re-enroll in grad school. I needed current direct strategic guidance in how I can pass the NCMHCE. The entire website was a review with the exception of "Breaking News". I discovered Jonathan Maletz workshop. Purchased it today. Wow, what a breath of fresh air. The website if clean, uncluttered, he focuses only on the exam. His demeaner is calm, easy. He spends a great deal of time answering a number of emails from people who have recently taken and either passed or failed the exam and addresses the questions. It's absolutely what I needed. I've been to grad. school I needed a test-taking class, and I finally found it. It's quality not quantity. I will not recommend counselingexam.com until they focus majority of site on the exam and not "returning to grad school" and flashcards. It only incites unnecessary anxiety, as the exam covers maybe 40% of what Dr. Hutchinson provides,and for me, the daily inspirations were long-winded. With ALL the words on his site, more words was the last thing I wanted to see. All I wanted was my meat and potatoes, and I never got it from him. Very disappointed.

I have used this site for a few years and I still have not been able to pass. Need to try something else.
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