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I really feel that this website really prepared me for my LCPC that I passed yesterday! This site was very useful and I recommend it to anyone who is getting ready to test for the simple fact that it is very much like the actual test.

I passed my LCPC exam with flying colors today (my first attempt). I'm sure that I wouldn't have been able to pass without the support of counselingexam.com - thank you!
Kayanne Alston

This website (along with the e-book) are the ONLY resources a person needs to pass their exam. I just took the NCMHCE to obtain my LCPC and passed it on my first attempt!! Thank you so much for creating this site and your dedication for keeping it accurate and up to date. Taking the simulations and knowing the formate of what to expect on the actual exam helped my thought process a ton. I breezed through the actual text. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

I was very pleased with this website, not only the professional lay-out of the website and the user friendly tutorials ... but, also, the "human experience" of interacting with the personnel behind the website. They were friendly, compassionate and understanding of my "stress level." This past Friday, September 8, 2014; I took the LCPC exam and I PASSED. Oh, hurray! Thank you!

Just wanted to share that I passed the LCPC on my first try. Your training website was invaluable to my success. Thank you for creating such an amazing product, for the encouragement, and words of wisdom.  I could not have done without you!  Warm regards,

I'm so excited that I passed the LMHC exam today and my having the ability to utilize this site made all the difference for me. I am recommending this site to everyone I know who is in process of studying for the exam. I wish I could meet Dr. L in person as I believe he his brilliant and has a terrific sense of humor as evidenced through his inspirational writings. Thanks so much! :)

I passed my LPC exam on the first try...definitely money well spent!

Dr. Linton's site is great! I used it for the LPC and the LCPC. I only had to take both exams once and passed them both with flying colors! Thanks Dr. Linton!

Hello, I refer all the new grads who are studying to the LPCC to your website and study guide. I felt very prepared to take my test and passed easily.

A lot of the material you have is totally irrelevant to the exam, like the reseach infirmatio, seems to me like you just want to fill you quizess, you have quantity, no quality. Your material for the LCDC exam is a fraud and and worst a waste of time. I can't recomend you site.
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