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10-13-2017 Hi Linton and your amazing team, I took my NCMHCE Exam this morning. I passed!!! I used all but 15 minutes of the allocated time, in large part, because you suggested slowing down and evaluating my chosen answers before hitting the "Are you sure?" submission button. I was extremely satisfied that the simulations and practice exams were on the same level of difficulty as the actual exam. I felt confident in my studying - I'd listened to all 15 CDs I purchased, balanced my family life and my professional life during the last 5 months, and read A LOT of the information you provided on the site and in the daily e-mails. I appreciate how thorough your prep program is and how closely you simulated the actual exam. My only surprise was the mix of the types of clients included. There was no way to anticipate that on anyone's part. I have already recommended your program to RMHCIs I know and will do so for as long as I have contact with Interns and Students. All the best to all of you and may blessings abound!

I purchased this material to study for NCMHCE and I passed! I wanted to thank you so much for creating this material as it really help. I purchased this material and ONLY used the 200+ simulations for a week subscription. In addition to purchasing this material I also purchased Jonathan Maletz clinicalexamworkshop.com and Dr. Arthur's counselorexam.com those two study materials helped in various ways as Jonathan's material help to simplify the exam format and exam material while Dr. Arthur's material was long but helped understand more about simulations. When I purchased this material I had only a week before my exam and I took about 70 short simulations before doing the 2 practice and random 3-hour exams. I must say that my confidence to pass the test happened once I saw that I could pass the practice 3-hour exams and I was not even as prepared as I know I would be test day (ie. tired, hungry, worked all day). I took the day before and the day of off from work to help prepare for the test and to ease my anxiety as I've come to learn this exam is more of a mind game than anything else. If you can control your anxiety and maintain a cool head through the exam you should pass (on top of studying of course). I was able to pass the exam with a 82% percentage and that is honestly due to my own minor mistakes while taking the exam. Thank you again as I have now passed both the NCE and NCMHCE.

October 10, 2017 Just passed the exam today and want to thank the developers of this program - you're amazing!! The simulations and practice exams prepared me well as they replicated the actual exam...there weren't any surprises! The learning tools really boosted my knowledge base and covered everything. I'm not sure if I would have passed the first time without this program...it helped to build my confidence. Thank you!!! A+ five star program!!!

October 11, 2017 I just wanted to thank you SO much for having the best website and prep materials out there! I passed with flying colors and felt very well-prepared. I also wanted to thank you (I did on FB too) for understanding when I had the medical flare up and letting me postpone the membership I had paid for. I have told ALL of my colleagues and classmates about your program and they are all registered with your site. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am so happy to be finished with exams forever and to have all of this new knowledge that was "in there." Best, Lisa

I took the test yesterday and finally PASSED! I had to take the test a total of 3 times. Since I BARELY failed my first test, I didn't think I would need to study much more for the second time. I was wrong....failed it again by the same amount of points. So, I decided to get a subscription to this site and it was exactly what I needed. To the future test takers, don't waste your money buying the study books you can get online from various places. The key to this test is running scenario after scenario until you finally understand what the test makers are wanting you to answer. No where else gives you so many scenarios and practice exams with the exact conditions you see on the exam. I find what helped me was literally taking each question, one by one, and answering to the best of my ability. Do not worry about the outcome as you're taking it. This test is awful for test anxiety because it gives you an idea how you're doing all the way along. Every time you get a wrong answer, you will know cuz it will say "Not addressed," "Not useful." AKA, wrong answer! So don't do what I did which is get a wrong answer and then freak out even more. For my last attempt, my mantra became "You can still miss some and pass." I am thankful for this site and will recommend it to anyone that takes this test. Good luck to all of you!

Oct. 6 2017 I am so very thankful for this site. I just took my exam this afternoon for the first time and I am so excited to say that I PASSED!!! I only subscribed to the site for 30 days but it was DEFINITELY worth it! I completed all the practice simulations and exams, which was very beneficial. I would highly recommend this site to anyone who is taking this exam!!

I am reading the testimonies and every one is from FL, that is very suspicious

I passed the test yesterday. I had been studying just the DSM 5 when a friend referred me here. I only used program for a week but did about 77 simulations. There is no doubt in my mind I would have failed without this program. It is comprehensive and mot important gets you ready for a tough exam. Would 100% recommend to anyone and everyone taking this test. Thank you.

October 4th, 2017 I just wanted to say thank you!! After having been out of counseling for 20 years, working as a stay at home mom, I set out to get my foot back in the door to counseling again last January. My first attempt at taking the NCMHCE didn't get me a "pass," but my second attempt today did! Your site was incredible at getting me back up to speed again and preparing me for the exam. Thanks to you all!

10-14-2017 Hey Guys, I just wanted to say that I passed my exam today with an 86%! I took the exam last year without studying and scored 72% which was a fail. I bought the one-month subscription and spent 2 weeks taking the simulated exams and averaged a score of 78-80%. I think the website made a huge difference in how I scored. A major component of this test is understanding the questions and how you lose points for wrong answers. The tutorials were helpful for helping me identify what type of question was being asked. The videos were cheesy but they helped me understand more of what they were asking for. One thing I would tell people, besides to practice the tests and watch the videos is to imagine that it's a perfect world. Every symptom matters and should have an intervention or referral. Real world considerations like time and money don't seem to matter when it comes to making referrals or accommodating clients in crisis. Thanks for such great material. I am so relieved to have past the test!
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