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Update scenarios

Please reduce your rates. Thanks!

More full length exams. Having lots of simulations is wonderful but I'd rather have them all set up like an actual full length exam for scoring purposes. Your site has 3. I have unfortunately failed two times now and don't know what to do and am feeling defeated.

Practice question are not updated

Need to pass test

I didn't work for me- four times in a row.

I passed my exam, but this site did not help at all. Too many errors in the material. I used it for a couple of days, but quit after the frustration of having to work around the errors.

using this tutorial I failed. Questions on the exam are extremely difficult and a lot trickier.

There are many questions in your product to which the answers are incorrect. I don't feel confident using your materials. They are full of errors.

A waste of money. Broad info, and some of the info is NOT correct.
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