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This site is the absolute gold standard for preparing for the NCMHCE. The simulations are exactly like the test, and they prepare you for 100% of what you are going to encounter. I passed on my first try after buying a week subscription leading up to my exam. They also have excellent and caring customer service -- my subscription was ending in the morning the day before my exam, so I left them a voicemail asking if they would give me a few more hours or study time. AND THEY DID! Really top notch -- thanks!

I was skeptical at first as to how this was going to help me pass the NCMHCE but this was by far and away the best money I spent on preparing for this exam. For 60 days I spent around 2-3 hours each day slowly working through the various contents of the site and by the time my test rolled around I was confident and prepared. Loved this site! Thank you so much!

I took my exam today and I am thrilled to say that I PASSED! Your exam services were phenomenal. Thank you for having this service available and I would highly recommend this to anyone preparing to take the NCMHCE Exam.

OMG! After 2 attempts I finally passed the exam with flying colors. I was very anxious the first 2 times and constantly worried about failing but I was determined to pass because that was my ultimate goal. My advice to the future test takers, please review groups, diagnoses, differential diagnoses, theories, culture was a big one and ethics. Also keep practicing the simulations to get the format. After failing twice I had to come up with own strategy to beat this exam and I kept practicing the simulations everyday and sometimes 3-4 times. I listened to the theories on the audio while I am driving as it became a routine for me. This website helped tremendously to reach my ultimate goal. Hey! if I can do it, you can do it as well! Thank you Dr. Linton and your crew because they were very responsive every time I emailed about any issues. God bless!

I just passed the NCMHCE earlier this morning, and studied using the materials offered through this site. I have to say... I've taken the LSAT and the GMAT in the past and have used multiple "other" resources to prepare myself. The resources at Counselingexam made me feel far more prepared for a test than any of the former materials ever offered. I am so grateful for Linton and his team. If you subscribe to this site, rest assured you will be beyond prepared. The scenarios help concentrate the most essential pieces of information one looks for to generate precise information gathering gathering, decision making and diagnostic skills. Don't think twice... SERIOUSLY!!

Loved this site! I just passed my exam yesterday for the first time and a great deal of that was thanks to the guidance provided on the site as well as the many simulations and practice exams I was able to take! I would recommend this site to anyone looking to pass the NCMHCE!!!

9-18-17 I took the NCMHCE this afternoon, and I was able to pass with flying colors. I couldn't have done without this website. I ordered the three month subscription. I mainly focused on practicing the simulations over and over again in order to get comfortable with the test format. I took a lot of notes from the simulations, which helped me to learn what I did wrong so I wouldn't make the mistake again. I also focused on the following sections: Exam tips, Extras, Audio recordings, Video presentations, Review content, and some Quizzes. What surprised me was that I actually found that the simulations were harder than the exam itself. Yet, I rather be over prepared than under prepared. This website helped me so much. Now, I'll be a Licensed Mental Health Counselor finally! Thank you so much!!

Wonderful! Wonderful! Just passed the exam this A.M. Couldn't really believe the similarities between simulation questions and actual exam questions. Well worth the cost. Thanks!

The NCMHCE Exam helped me greatly -- I passed the exam! I truly recommend it -- it covers important aspects of the exam in a way that is comprehensive, and FUN! Thank you so much! Alex, NY.

09-16-2017 I just want to let you know that I passed my exam on 9/11/17 on the first try. I also want to let you know how helpful I found your site given the limited time I had to prepare for the exam. I especially found all of the simulations and practice exams helpful in both learning material crucial to passing and also getting comfortable with the format. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
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