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Everyone studies differently, and what works best for one person might not work best for you. Just want to cram with practice exams? Study best using flashcards? Prefer to listen to audio material on the go? While many other test prep sites only offer access to practice tests, your NCMHCE subscription includes all of these resources (and more) to help you pass.
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Topics We Cover
Need to brush up on assessments? Or really want to make sure you know the DSM-5 front to back? Our question database includes:
  • Assessment
  • Career
  • Culture
  • Development
  • Diversity
  • DSM-5
  • Ethics
  • Evaluation
  • Groups
  • Interventions
  • Progress Notes
  • Psychotherapy
  • Records
  • Referrals
  • Service Delivery
  • Supervision
  • Techniques
  • Termination
  • Theories

What exam are you studying for?

There are a few different counseling exams:

1. The NCMHCE has 10 simulations
2. The NCE has 200-multiple choice questions
3. The CPCE has 160-multiple choice questions and is often used as a graduation requirement for graduate counseling programs. It covers the same topics as the NCE.

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