Our Partners

Our partners offer online tutoring and live webinars! Just click on the profile pictures to learn more!
Alyson Carr PHD, LMHC
Dr. Alyson Carr, PhD, LMHC, is devoted to helping people fulfill their life goals of becoming therapists.
Barton Bott MA, LMHC, NCC
Barton J. Bott, MA, LMHC, NCC uses a variety of different methods to address the NCMHCE Exam. His patience and ability to explain even the most complex of processes in a simple and straight forward way lends itself to the learning and tutoring process for the NCMHCE Exam.
Bruce Snipes LMFT
Bruce Snipes, LMFT, is now retired after working for over 20 years in the field, dedicating himself to helping people pass the exam.
Janise L Winston MS, LMHC
Hello, my name is Janise, I provide training and development in the field.  I have an innate ability to use methodology; using systematic and theoretical analysis to help understand  and pass the NCMHCE exam.
Jenny Stabler LMHC
It's in there!
Jenny Stabler, LMHC enjoys working with children and their families in addition to helping others become LMHCs by offering support and tutoring while they prepare to take the NCMHCE.
"In Hollywood, if you don't have a shrink people think your crazy." -Johnny Carson
My supervision experience was a struggle that didn't include any exam preparation. But after passing the first time, I knew I could be a help to other interns by using part of the supervision time for exam prep. I use simulations that I have created to give you the best chance for passing. I have created an exam prep workshop so you're sure to get a lot of material to prepare you for the exam. Also, I am on the FMHCA (Florida Mental Health Counselors Association) Intern committee board which means I am invested in your supervision experience and being able to pass the exam.
Dr. Alyson Carr's Live NCMHCE Webinar is designed to prepare test takers for the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination. This webinar includes an overview of the NCMHCE, helpful tips, and the practical application of an effective test taking strategy. The objective of this workshop is to clear up confusion and misconceptions, increase your confidence, and give you useful tools you can begin applying to your studies right away.