1. The content involves immediate events in the session, not past occurrences or even current outside events.

2. The process is cognitive, a self-reflective loop determined by the nature of the relationship between interacting individuals.

3. The content process includes abstract, specific, generic, and personal information as guided by the needs of the group at any given time.

Here-and-Now Tasks of the Therapist:

1. First stage: activating phases aim to move group into the here-and-now. As an example, it is the leader who sets the norms for interpersonal confrontation, emotional expression, and self-monitoring, and who demonstrates the value placed upon the group as a source of good information.

2. Second stage: process illumination is employed.

3. The counselor acts as observer-participant and group historian. In this role, the therapist should comment on the process, eventually helping members to process as well.

4. Uncovering should not be used to understand the past, but toward understanding the present.

5. Here-and-now (content) and process should overlap.