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Thank you so much for giving me that one extra day. I just took the test Friday afternoon and I passed well above the cut off score! I'm so happy and relieved it's all over. I think it really helped that you had case studies that I could go through and practice. Thank you again for this website and I definitely going to let everyone know to use your website for the NCMHCE. It took me a little over 3 hours because I had to stop and organize each question and even though I did get a few "not indicated/not discussed," taking those breaks helped a lot. Thank you again!
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Dr. Linton, I passed the NMHCE!!! I sat for it this morning. Thank you for your help on the telephone, the ebook, and the online prep course. I went from knowing pretty much nothing, being out of school for 10 years, to passing the exam - 86% on the IG (61% was passing) and 79% on the DM (71% was passing). I did a lot of studying in there - about 2 hours a day on average, some days more than that. But without your course I doubt I could have passed.
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Passed! you can take me off the list. The run down you gave of what the different buzz words mean ie most, best, probably was very helpful to this 53 year old who has been licensed for years. Only because California refuses to give the national exam did I have to take this stupid thing. But over, done. thanks.
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Passed the exam yesterday. I was licensed 35 years ago. South Carolina didn't accept that little accomplishment, and required that I re-take the exam. Thank you for the great hints and study materials.
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I just passed!!! Thanks to counselingexam.com, so worth it!
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Passed the exam this morning with an 89% for IG and an 85% for DM. Purchased several testing guides but the best ones were counselingexam.com and Jonathan Maletz's videotaped workshop.
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Wow, I passed...the test was very reasonable and not as detailed as I would have thought. Know your basic disorders: anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder, bipolar, and personality disorders. No questions about psychoses today. My strongest recommendation is getting counselingexam.com and just keep doing all the case studies. You all can do this!!!
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After having spent a lot of time and money preparing for the NCMHCE, I finally passed it, thanks to your comprehensive online program. I wish I could have found you sooner. This is the BEST program out there. I will definitely recommend your program to other candidates. God bless you
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I've been using Counseling Exams as well and appreciate the variety of study supports on this site. I am finding the way the simulations are set up to be helpful, the quizes and quick flash cards are easy to use when I can carve out a few extra minutes here and there to study. Of course I'm keeping my DSM5 next to me for extra depth review when I find something I'm lacking in. Another added bonus that I didn't think I would like as much as I do is the daily email encouraging me to study and not give into my anxiety!
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I spent about 2 months preparing. First month I read through the full DSM 5 fairly carefully, made flash cards with diagnostic criteria (I never used them to study, so maybe not so helpful) read comments in this group and did some of the free samples on counselingexam.com - Linton's site. This past month I went through DSM again, with self testing - would look at diagnosis title and close my eyes and recall the criteria, then went to differential diagnoses section and did the same - looked at headings and repeated to myself the differential criteria. I memorize best when moving, so I did a lot of this pacing around my office and backyard. Final week: cut out beer, increased intake of dark chocolate and walnuts, continued differential review. Saturday, signed up for Linton's site one day and spent about 10 hours taking practice tests. Yikes, a bit brain numbing. Finished about half the simulations but that was more than enough. It was great prep for the test format. Sunday - rested, dabbled in DSM 5. Monday morning, today, took the test. Tonight - $2 beers
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