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An excellent resource to prepare for the NCMHCE exam. I passed my exam easily, and in just over half of the allowed exam time (1 1/2 hours rather than the full 3 hours).

Thank you so much for the excellent study material you provide for clinicians studying for the NCMCHE exam. I took my exam this past Saturday, 11/11/17, and passed with flying colors! It took me 1.5 hours to complete the exam...the confidence I gained through taking your practice simulations really helped me feel comfortable with testing. Thanks again for your excellent study materials! Sincerely,

I have the worst test taking anxiety!! I just passed the NCMHCE this morning! I recommend this website to anyone who is taking it! The materials were very helpful in studying and stimulations were spot on.

I took and passed the NCMHCE on 11/11/2017 on my first attempt! I am grateful that I found and utilize counselingexam.com. I subscribed to this site for 30 days and studied everyday non-stop. It was such a great asset with all the practice simulations and review material. I found that the feedback given on the simulations very helpful. The case studies were the most helpful to me were the differential diagnoses, duration of symptoms (criteria for identified diagnosis), and presenting symptoms associated with diagnoses. I highly recommend this website when preparing for the NCMHCE.

I took and passed the test in 45 minutes! I scored well above the minimum passing scores too. I am so grateful for counselingexam.com. I was well prepared and using the practice tests calmed my nerves. I found much of what I studied on the website didn't help with the test expect the simulations and practice tests. I found I didn't know much specifically about theory or techniques. However, after a few years in the field it was nice to refresh the basics from grad school to make myself a more competent practitioner overall. I am very happy with my purchase!

I passed the NCMHCE on 11/11/17 on my first try!!! Thank you Counseling Exam!!

I passed the NCMHCE on 11/6/17 on my first try thanks to this website! I know without the help of the simulations, quizzes, full length exams, and exam tips, I would've been overwhelmed on test day and probably would've failed! I would recommend this to anyone taking the exam, even if you are already feeling pretty confident about your knowledge base. I thought my years of experience would help me ace it, but I definitely needed to practice so that I could refine my knowledge of what the exam writers were truly looking for! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I passed my exam in early November 2017 and credit www.counselingexam.com with my test success. This site is a veritable treasure trove of useful information. Candidates who spend time reviewing the information and going through (and learning from ) the simulations will be well-prepared, come testing day. When I opened up my exam at the testing center, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the format was identical to that of this website, so my anxiety was greatly reduced and I could proceed confidently through the simulations. This was money very, very well spent!

I can't even begin to express how thankful I am for this resource! Today I passed my exam on the first attempt (with a significant margin)! I spent two months studying by myself prior to signing up for the website. I poured over different study guides and looked all over the internet for resources to help prepare me. Honestly, I wish I had just started with the website. I loved the different modalities featured on the site and nothing could top the numerous and varied simulations (with accompanying rationalizations/feedback). I felt really prepared when I walked into my exam. After spending time on this website, I knew exactly what to expect from the test and how to answer the test-maker's questions. I would like to personally thank Dr. Hutchinson and Dr. Alyson Carr for their resources. My heart is so full of love for the work that they do! I was so touched when Dr. Hutchinson extended time on the site for victims of hurricane Irma. Dr. Hutchinson and Dr. Carr really have the tesk-takers interests at heart. This is an awesome resource with incredible admins. I would recommend this site a million times to anyone looking to take the NCMHCE.

Today on 11/06/2017, I officially passed the NCMHCE on my first try! The resources and 150+ simulations were crucial in preparing me for understanding the test format and selecting the correct responses to each section. Counselingexam.com was the only resource I used to study for the exam. While I encourage others to diversify their study materials, you be be assured that this website is the place that brings it all together. Thank you for all the help and providing a resource that replicates the exam almost to the letter! This came highly recommended by every colleague I have spoken too about the test. You can be certain I will also share this resource to others.
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