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Loved this site! I just passed my exam yesterday for the first time and a great deal of that was thanks to the guidance provided on the site as well as the many simulations and practice exams I was able to take! I would recommend this site to anyone looking to pass the NCMHCE!!!

9-18-17 I took the NCMHCE this afternoon, and I was able to pass with flying colors. I couldn't have done without this website. I ordered the three month subscription. I mainly focused on practicing the simulations over and over again in order to get comfortable with the test format. I took a lot of notes from the simulations, which helped me to learn what I did wrong so I wouldn't make the mistake again. I also focused on the following sections: Exam tips, Extras, Audio recordings, Video presentations, Review content, and some Quizzes. What surprised me was that I actually found that the simulations were harder than the exam itself. Yet, I rather be over prepared than under prepared. This website helped me so much. Now, I'll be a Licensed Mental Health Counselor finally! Thank you so much!!

Wonderful! Wonderful! Just passed the exam this A.M. Couldn't really believe the similarities between simulation questions and actual exam questions. Well worth the cost. Thanks!

The NCMHCE Exam helped me greatly -- I passed the exam! I truly recommend it -- it covers important aspects of the exam in a way that is comprehensive, and FUN! Thank you so much! Alex, NY.

09-16-2017 I just want to let you know that I passed my exam on 9/11/17 on the first try. I also want to let you know how helpful I found your site given the limited time I had to prepare for the exam. I especially found all of the simulations and practice exams helpful in both learning material crucial to passing and also getting comfortable with the format. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

9-15-2017 Today I passed my exam!!! First time I took it! And after the ordeal of having had it canceled due to Irma and having to reschedule it! The simulations helped me feel very prepared and comfortable with the format. And I so appreciated the extra few days you tacked on after the cancellation so I could still brush up before my new exam time. (Though most of those days were spent preparing for and cleaning up after Irma.) In spite of the additional stress, I was obviously ready for the exam, and I attribute that in large part to the serious studying I did using this website. Thank you thank you!

I took the exam this morning 9-14-2017 and passed!!! So excited. This website is an excellent study tool and I am so thankful I purchased the 90 day subscription. If you are serious about passing the exam there is no better way to prepare for it. I can't say enough about the Simulations, Exams and Exam tips. Also great support staff. Due to hurricane Irma my test was postponed and without hesitation I was given an extension to continue practicing until the day of my exam. I highly recommend this website. I did it, so can you. Jackie

This program was worth every cent I spent on it. I had tried a different program and struggled with learning how the test is set up. This program gave me everything I needed to pass on the first try. The simulations, practice exams, flashcards, quizzes, videos and more really helped me to refresh my prior learning, and acquire new information. This also helped me to understand how to approach the exam. I reviewed almost the whole website. I can't recommend this program highly enough! Thank you!

So much of passing the exam has to do with understanding how to approach it, and this website provided an outstanding amount of assistance in that area. It's truly an amazing resource and worth its cost. I found great value in the quizzes, videos, and flashcards, and especially in the simulation practices and the full-length practice exams. I took all three of the full-length exams prior to taking the real thing (as well as close to 100 simulations), and felt fully prepared for what to expect. I am so grateful for this website, and believe that it's unlikely that I would have passed on the first try without it. I will highly recommend this site to all professionals taking this exam. Thank you so much!

Passed on my first try. That's after only being able to review a little over 50% of the website. The recommended strategies for taking the test are a must and I am positive that I would not have passed without employing them. The simulations are awesome because you can learn so much from them - especially when you review all the answers - correct and incorrect. The fact that you have so much control over how you use the simulations is also helpful. You can repeatedly go back and start over for instance. I feel that I was able to get a very good understanding of the TEST and how to take it because of the simulations on this website. Thanks so much!!
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