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I took the ncmhce yesterday for the first time and passed! This site was the reason why I passed. I have been in private practice for over a decade, but recently moved from WI to FL and had to take the ncmhce to get licensed in my new state. My acquired knowledge was only partly helpful on this exam. I found out right away that I had to focus on what the creators of the exam were looking for, rather than what I felt was right. It is a very unique exam, and I found out that my background would not assure my passing. The many, many practice exams on this site were incredibly helpful. That is how I better understood how to read the cases, what to address, and exactly how to answer the questions. I really appreciate how this site includes such a variety of learning methods: auditory, video, reading, flashcards etc. I did a lot of research to try and find the right study materials, because this stuff isn't cheap. I really feel this site gives you everything you need to pass the exam, and is worth the investment.

THANK YOU! I would not have passed without CounselingExam.com. These simulations prepare you so unbelievably well for the exam. As long as you put the time in to study, you will pass. I cannot thank this study tool enough and am truly beyond grateful!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I struggled so much with this exam. This sight helped me so much!! I wish I had used this site the first time I took this exam. I passed with great ease. The simulations were excellence. I would tell anybody to use this site. I have used others and this is definitely the best.

I am most grateful for counselingexam.com for several reasons: it’s thorough and very in-depth of what is needed for the LPC exam. Secondly, I needed help with balancing my financial resources not only to pay for the exam a second time but to budget the fee for subscriptions. Linton and staff were most accommodating. In some ways now I miss coming back daily to study! However, I am glad and grateful to have passed! Brian

First time using this website as study materials, third attempt at the NCMHCE. Passed! Easily, the best study materials for this test. I write with much appreciation of what is done on this website. It helped me move on with my life. The information outside the scenarios was great, and the scenarios were great. Thanks again.

I took my exam yesterday and PASSED on the first attempt!! I focused on the simulations, which helped a lot, but looked over diagnoses and assessments. I think the real test was actually easier than the simulations on this site, so that was a plus! I would definitely recommend this as a study tool!

I passed! I took my exam this morning and I passed! Thank you so much for all the help and I will be telling everyone that this is the material needed to study! Happy Days, Robin

I passed on my first attempt!!! I truly don't think I, or anyone else, could pass the exam without this service! Here's why: it's not about what you know, your knowledge base, or how you apply your education to your field. Passing is about knowing how to take the exam "the creators" created. When I answered the questions based upon the laws and regulations in my field (crisis counseling)...I scored 4% out of 100%!!! The exam takes points off for information that does not apply to "the creators" way of thinking. FOR EXAMPLE: In my field I need to assess for SI/HI, family history, medical issues, history, work, family and social...etc..in order to gain a solid comprehensive state of my patient that is in a crisis state. When I answered the questions from that stance, I failed every time! For your own sake and prosperity toward your field, use this service!!! The people were great when I called, and I'm moving ahead because of Counselingexam.com!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

I passed my exam. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful resource that you provide for clinicians to study for the NCMHCE exam. I believe the counselingexam.com was instrumental in helping me to pass my exam. Thanks for everything.

Hi, I just wanted to say a great big THANK YOU for helping me pass the exam first time - Your study guide covered everything and working through the exam felt comfortable as I was used to your simulations which are almost identical! Thank you!!
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