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I just wanted to let you know that I PASSED!!! I took the LCMHCE yesterday evening and nailed it! I believe it was due to your incredible web site--it's extremely thorough and detailed. It looked almost identical to the exam and helped me out incredibly! Now, onto the NCC! Which, of course, I will be utilizing your web site once again! Thank you so much!
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Thank you so much...I passed my NCMHCE last Monday! Your simulations were actually much more difficult than the exam...I was well prepared.
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Thank you so much for your review course. Just passed the exam this past Friday and after years of procrastination, your site gave me what I needed to succeed. I enrolled for only a month and with 2 hours a weeks of review everything was focused for my success. By the way, I never once passed one of your mini-exams. Again, my thanks for such a great course of study which was so economical.
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Hello, As I mentioned a little while ago, I just passed my LMHC test. First, Kudos to Counselingexam.com! It really gave me the edge I needed. Even though there were a ton of study aids on the site, all I used were the practice scenarios. What I loved about them was that they explained why I got an answer right or wrong. This helped me learn what the test was looking for; as well as where the test was trying to trick me. Another thing I loved about the scenarios was that, when I took the the actual test, I saw that the real questions were actually somewhat easier than the ones on the site! Advice about the test I can give people? Bring a sweater; even if it's 100 degress out. They will undoubtedly be cranking the AC. Also, do your best not to freak-out when someone finishes first - or if you're the last one in the room. Remember that you've paid good money to be there...and will have to pay again each and every time you take it. Also, take the practice tests on Counselingexam.com (not just the scenarios), but the ones that mimic the actual test. I failed the test my first time (before going to the site and getting a 3mos subscription) so I knew what to expect. But, the first time I saw it, the test was much different in appearence than anything I'd seen online for practicing. Lastly, remember that once you click on an answer, that's your choice. You CAN NOT go back and change it. So make sure you choose wisely. Good Luck! Thanks.
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Hi Dr. Hutchinson, I passed the NCMHCE this morning, praise the Lord! I appreciate the help your website, ebook, audio discs, and practice tests provided. I think your practice tests were more difficult to pass (at least I scored higher on NBCC's test). Best wishes.
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Thank you so much for giving me that one extra day. I just took the test Friday afternoon and I passed well above the cut off score! I'm so happy and relieved it's all over. I think it really helped that you had case studies that I could go through and practice. Thank you again for this website and I definitely going to let everyone know to use your website for the NCMHCE. It took me a little over 3 hours because I had to stop and organize each question and even though I did get a few "not indicated/not discussed," taking those breaks helped a lot. Thank you again!
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Dr. Linton, I passed the NMHCE!!! I sat for it this morning. Thank you for your help on the telephone, the ebook, and the online prep course. I went from knowing pretty much nothing, being out of school for 10 years, to passing the exam - 86% on the IG (61% was passing) and 79% on the DM (71% was passing). I did a lot of studying in there - about 2 hours a day on average, some days more than that. But without your course I doubt I could have passed.
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Passed! you can take me off the list. The run down you gave of what the different buzz words mean ie most, best, probably was very helpful to this 53 year old who has been licensed for years. Only because California refuses to give the national exam did I have to take this stupid thing. But over, done. thanks.
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Passed the exam yesterday. I was licensed 35 years ago. South Carolina didn't accept that little accomplishment, and required that I re-take the exam. Thank you for the great hints and study materials.
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I just passed!!! Thanks to counselingexam.com, so worth it!
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