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I would just like to say that I cannot say enough about working through Dr. Hutchinson's scenarios and his 4 hour practice exams. They were essential for preparing me for taking and passing the actual exam on my first attempt.

Good Morning, I want to tell you that I passed my exam yesterday and it was 100% because of your study tools (and of course the time I put into preparing). Prior to purchasing your ebook and 30 day subscription, I had spent over $400 on study guides from NBCC (which were good simulations) and other organizations. They didn't hold a candle to your material. Thanks soooo much for such a comprehensive and interesting, engaging method of studying. I will, of course, spread the word to EVERYONE who is going to take the NCMHCE. Thanks again!

I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to use your great program. This was my second time taking the NCHMCE and I passed with and 85% average. The first time i was not prepared due to lack of time ( i missed it by a couple point). This time i spent a lot more time reviewing your material and in one Month I made a huge improvement. I PASSED. Thanks again.

I took the exam yesterday and passed with an 85 average. Between your study guides and difficult sims and Jonathan Maletz clinical exam workshop I kicked butt. Thank you so much. I have already referred counselor friends to both your sites.

I know I enjoyed reading about your background, when you were out fishing in Florida, unaware of the need to apply for your clinical counseling license without the hardship of the testing process. Your story put reality to your photo that I would see whenever I would sign in to the Litton Hutchinson exam prep site. A real person with a similar struggle that your students were experiencing. Not just a logo! Perhaps others could be encouraged to hear that a 63 year old grandma can make the leap to success, they can also. Some of my background, I was a non traditional student, who took many years to achieve my college degrees. When the great recession hit, at age 58 I began my second career as a License Professional Counselor in Ohio at an emergency mental health services agency. When I finally was able to sell my house in Toledo and move to Florida, I needed my LMHC to work. I found fulfilment and meaning in encouraging others. It was a way to thank the many people who unknowingly had lifted me up when I felt overwhelmed. A coworker at the crises center I worked at told me about your program. She emphasized the importance of focusing on the test simulations. After reviewing the other test preparation sites, yours was determined to be superior. I spent much time reading the DSM 5 and made the mistake of waiting too close to the deadline of the exam to sign up for only a 30 review. Then I discovered all of the rest of the information that I didn't know. The various types of treatment, theories behind the approaches, group counseling, and testing inventories. Not to mention HIPPA rules, audits ... The first exam I had more than enough points on the Information Gathering portion but not the amount needed on the Decision Making. Since points were deducted for incorrect choices, I did not have enough confidence to select as many answers than a few. This is where I improved the second time around. I really appreciated that the repeat review was free especially after not being employed for more than a year! But additional time to study will help make me a more competent clinician and increase my professional knowledge.

I just want to let you know that I took my test last Friday for my LPCC and I passed! It was the easiest test that I have ever taken. Your format for the simulations were right on and the questions were so similar that I virtually finished the test is less than 2 1/2 hours over and above what I needed to pass. No test anxiety over what to expect because your program truly prepared me for what to expect. I can't thanky ou enough!!!!!

Just a quick follow-up note to let you know that won’t need to renew my subscription as I rocked the exam on Saturday 1/10/15: 91% IG and 89% DM. Took me just over 2 hrs. Surprisingly, the passing scores were only 66% for IG and 70% for DM. Everything you and Jonathan taught were right on target. Other than the odd social work question at the beginning, nothing felt surprising or foreign. Thanks again for all your help!

I just wanted to submit a review of this website. I recently passed the NCMHCE and owe this in large part due to this website. I failed it the first time I took it a year ago after studying through another website. I found this study guide much more comprehensive and it really helped me learn the patterns of the test. The biggest challenge of the NCMHCE is being able to identify what the test is looking for verses what my experiences are as a counselor and this guide helped me figure that out, so thank you!

I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of your testing materials and the website that you and your team created, it's WONDERFUL!! I took my clinical exam. yesterday and passed with flying colors, I am so excited and SO relieved to be done FINALLY!! The simulations were helpful and true to form in regard to the live test. The flashcards were helpful and provide me with great insight on a number of topics that were helpful in taking my exam. I just wanted to pass along my gratitude and express the wonderful work I feel you are doing with inspiring and educating!! :)

I am elated, and just want to thank you for what I am certain was the single best investment of my time and resources in passing the NCMHCE. I passed it the first time around! I found your website several months ago, but was ambivalent about signing up. With the test date approaching, I encountered a couple of people who had said it was a difficult exam, but they had both passed using counselingexam.com. With that, I came home and signed up. My thoughts about the cost of a subscription to your website at this point? Consider the cost of re-taking the exam, along with lost work time, and it’s apparent to me that it quickly pays for itself. I found the site to be rich with all different kinds of resources and even fun, sometimes silly exercises. I even listened to the audio and videos while I exercised! I loved the questions and the ten question tests. It’s just full of all different types of help, from flash cards to questions to videos; however, I found the simulations to be the most effective way to study. And true enough, when I got to the exam yesterday, there were no surprises; and I realized I had learned not only enough content, but most importantly, the test taking strategy. One cannot hold all the data in their memory, but one CAN learn the strategies you teach for passing the test. In addition to studying, other recommendations I would make (that helped me) include the use of the concept of “eustress”. I even made a chart and taped it to my mirror, which targeted my desired stress level in order to optimize for the best performance possible. Thank you Hans Selye! :) I also recommend hard physical exercise the day before, which helps with a good night’s sleep. While we were not allowed to bring chocolate or even water into the testing room, I took a banana and a protein shake, which I consumed in my car just before the test. I also took earplugs, which were extremely helpful. Finally, I would say that our performance is improved when we enjoy what we’re doing and find it interesting. That is another reason your website is so helpful. It’s fun, interesting and provides the right amount of levity. You have a good sense of humor. I am grateful for the counseling exam.com website, and heartily recommend it to anyone preparing to take the NCHMCE.
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