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So happy I passed the Florida license exam. Two colleagues who passed the exam recommended Counseling Exam and I, in turn, recommend it to others. It was so important to understand the format of the exam and to practice and practice and practice....I knew content but would get tripped up with the questions. I'm still not sure what some of the questions are really asking. Even though I read the tips I was still overthinking the first 4 simulations. Getting a lot of selections wrongs was scary. I took a bathroom break to realign myself, take a few breaths and decided I'm going to answer what I think is correct. The questions were more basic than I was expecting so reminding myself I know the material really helped. I did well going forward and PASSED! I used a lot of paper - I was so worried about clicking on a selection accidently so I moved the mouse out of the way and wrote the options on paper, put Y, N or ? next to each option. This helped me look at all the options before selecting and gave me time to think about the choices better. I ended up using 4 sheets of paper, front and back. Getting up to replace each sheet was a good break also. The bonus is how much I learned from Counseling Exam.

I passed the NCMHCE on Friday 12/5 in IL. The practice simulations on your site were extremely helpful. I also used your site for the NCE when I took it a couple years ago. Whatever test you take this site is definitely worth the money.

Comfortably passed my NCMHCE exam today. The simulations offered on the site were extremely instrumental in preparing me. Terrific resource that I highly recommend!

I have been using your two iPhone apps and find them extremely handy! When I'm bored waiting for something, I can use the time to study on my phone. Pretty handy. I like the sounds when I get them right and like that it doesn't have a negative sound when I get them wrong. lol.

Just wanted you to know I passed the exam with many points to spare. Thank you for your great study materials and fabulous simulation practices. They saved the day for me. Also, thanks for all the tips on how to deal with this test. It really paid off! I will readily refer your materials.

I have been a licensed professional counselor in my state of Arizona for many years and have been in private practice here for 30 years. I took the NCE back in 1997 for my state licensure. Currently, I am relocating to the state of New Hampshire which requires the NCMHCE and they let me know under no uncertain terms that there would be no license for me without a passing score on this test. So…at the age of almost 60 I began to study with some other study materials that I found and ordered online…a huge, really boring manual which I hated but forced myself to read in its entirety! The materials included only five simulations, and the company encouraged you to wait til you’d gotten through all the materials to even start. They gave you a proprietary code which allowed you to access the simulations online only ONCE. I failed three of the five and when I went back into the questions to see what I missed, I discovered that I could see the mistakes I’d made, but the site wouldn’t allow me to see what the RIGHT answers were. And that was it. I was left being an “epic failure”. (That’s the language they used when scoring my simulations.) Perhaps you know of this company. So, there I was, five days away from the test and really significantly UNPREPARED. I went back online to see if any other sites would at least offer more simulations for me to practice with and that’s when I discovered your site. At that point I called and I think it was you (not sure) who answered the phone on a Sunday afternoon. You told me how to order your materials online which I did and immediately knew your materials were awesome, thorough, humorous, encouraging, and profoundly helpful. I spent the next four days glued to the computer screen. Besides having endless simulations with which to practice (and I did!), I also learned how to approach and interpret the test itself. You helped me CRACK THE CODE. And with that came confidence and success that increased over the four days. As I mentioned, I passed the exam with many points to spare. Anyway, your stuff is good. Thank you for offering it and making it so accessible and effective. You obviously put a lot of work into it. Wishing you all the best. With gratitude, Ina

I have a comment and was not sure where to post it. I want to say "Thank you". I passed my exam on 12/13/14; one try! I had a very short turnaround period from registering for the exam to taking the exam b/c my goal was to have my LPC this year (2014) or at least sit for the exam. The simulations were perfect. The daily gotta knows and inspirations were also perfect in situations where I only had access to my cellular phone. I want to let you all know this site and its format helped me be successful in passing the exam; again the first time.

Linton, Bless your heart! I will always be grateful to you for many things. I know my therapeutic training is helpful In fact, it has assisted me in developing many positive reframes to this most difficult time in my life. May the Lord bless you always, Caroll

I passed the NCE and passed the NCMHCE two years ago with the help of your website.

I wanted to say that this site assisted me in passing my exam. I am now a licensed Professional Counselor. This site offered a wealth of helpful information and I just wanted to say thank you.
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