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Wow, I passed...the test was very reasonable and not as detailed as I would have thought. Know your basic disorders: anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder, bipolar, and personality disorders. No questions about psychoses today. My strongest recommendation is getting counselingexam.com and just keep doing all the case studies. You all can do this!!!

I just passed!!! Thanks to counselingexam.com, so worth it!

I've been using Counseling Exams as well and appreciate the variety of study supports on this site. I am finding the way the simulations are set up to be helpful, the quizes and quick flash cards are easy to use when I can carve out a few extra minutes here and there to study. Of course I'm keeping my DSM5 next to me for extra depth review when I find something I'm lacking in. Another added bonus that I didn't think I would like as much as I do is the daily email encouraging me to study and not give into my anxiety!

I purchased additional study programs the second time around to motivate/inspire me, including Jonathan Maletz' Exam Workshop: http://www.clinicalexamworkshop.com/ and Arthur-Brende's Study Program: https://www.counselorexams.com/ncmhce. I also purchased Dr. Linton's program for 7 days before the exam, which was very helpful in quizzing myself on DSM-5 and for the practice simulations. I'm a writer, so I made notecards for Diagnoses and everything else of importance. I used AATBS and Dr. Linton's sites on my first attempt. I found that AATBS was too comprehensive for me the second time around...I will say that the included Exam Consultant services were wonderful, though, and helped with anxiety and to feel that I was not "in this alone" since I did not have a study group. Good luck to those of you studying! You can do it!

Hi, I passed this morning. It was easy after all of the prep! Every day, for the past month, I have been taking practice exams at counselingexam.com. I also ordered Jonathan Maletz' online course and took that at the beginning of the week. I felt very well prepared and finished the entire exam in just a little over an hour!

I purchased the practice exams from Dr. Linton Hutchinson http://www.counselingexam.com/ncmhce/index.shtml. This was my first time taking the exam and I did not study a lot of heavy content - just the test taking strategies and the main disorders.

Thursday was my day, I passed the NCMHCE! I definitely feel watching all of the review videos, counselorexams.com, and counselingexam.com helped me through on my second attempt at this exam!

Took the NCMHCE this morning and passed! I used counselingexam.com, did a slew of simulations, and then took the example 4 hour test the night before the exam. Such a great feeling! Good Luck to all of you who are still studying! Trust your gut, take deep breaths, and get it done :)
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