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I passed the NCMHCE on my first try as well, and feel I got the most bang-for-my-buck, in depth studying experience utilizing this website. I am so pleased with it and all the content, and have recommended this to other colleagues/friends taking this or the NCE examination. So worth it :)

I took the NCMHCE on my first try and passed thanks to these study materials! I focused on the simulations and felt very prepared! Thanks for this website!!!

08/09/2017 - Hello, I completed and passed the exam and I 100% believe your program was the key to success and I am grateful for having purchased it.

Dr. Carr & Dr. Hutchinson, Just wanted to let you know that I passed the NCMHCE last night! J I have you both to thank for assisting, guiding, and supporting me achieve a milestone in my professional career. I not only passed but also put up some impressive scores, far exceeding the mentality I went into the exam with; and that is to just pass! Dr. Carr; thank-you for the work you do online and for responding to each and every email I sent you. Dr. Hutchinson: thank-you for giving me a free month on Counselingexam.com. I don’t what I would have done if I didn’t have access to the practice tests. I will keep my promise and splash it all over my Facebook page. Soon, I’ll be changing my signature to include LMHC

Took my test today and passed. I appreciate the new format much better than before, which allowed me to stop and continue at a later time. Great material and scenarios to use for practice. N. Rhodes

August 2017: I passed my exam today after my first try. I purchased a 30-day package but had some crises arise that delayed my study efforts. Considered re-scheduling the exam, but decided to just go with it and see what happened. I studied approximately 10 days. These study materials are awesome. Best preparation a person could ask for to prepare for a test of this nature. Don't spend your money elsewhere just buy these study materials and you will pass the exam.

Passed today on my first attempt. Very helpful website. Simulations on the test were similar to Simulations on this site.

Passed yesterday on my first attempt!!! Love this site! It's all you need to prepare and does it to the fullest! You can walk into the testing site with full confidence after prepping from this site!!! -Melissa

Just passed the test today on my first try! I took the advice of my coworkers and used your site for about 3 months. Just kept doing the simulations over and over and over. Just make sure you know DSM 5 and you'll be fine.

I passed!! I don't think I would have without the simulations, activities, quizzes and advice. I had to reshape my thinking out of my session space and into what the testers were looking for, and the only way to do the was through knowing the material, then practicing over and over. Like I read elsewhere, I failed so sims to learn the logic, and gain more insight. I love that the sims will often tell why an answer that seems like it could be right, isn't right! it was really helpful. I definitely recommend this site, and also recommend you take the advice it offers! I had other resources that I would not recommend-indeed they just caused anxiety. I used this site, then took the NCC practice test a day or two before taking the real thing. On the test, I would remind myself of the test hints, and use the logic suggestions-and it all went well. Good luck-you can do it too!! Natalie, 7/2017
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