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Thanks for the comprehensive study material. I passed the exam today on the first attempt. With the help of all the resources available, I was well prepared for the exam. Thanks for the time and attention taken to put the study packages together. I am so grateful for the program and will share with others.

I would recommend this site to anyone that needs to prepare for the NCMHCE. I paid for the 7 days subscription and passed my exam on the first attempt with an 86%. Thank you so much Dr. Linton!!

used the 30 day program and passed. would highly recommend

Thank You!!! Your program is a gem! I passed the exam today on my first try! I would highly recommend your services as THE source to pass the NCMHCE. It is worth the costs! If you need a testimonial let me know!

10-14-2017 Hey Guys, I just wanted to say that I passed my exam today with an 86%! I took the exam last year without studying and scored 72% which was a fail. I bought the one-month subscription and spent 2 weeks taking the simulated exams and averaged a score of 78-80%. I think the website made a huge difference in how I scored. A major component of this test is understanding the questions and how you lose points for wrong answers. The tutorials were helpful for helping me identify what type of question was being asked. The videos were cheesy but they helped me understand more of what they were asking for. One thing I would tell people, besides to practice the tests and watch the videos is to imagine that it's a perfect world. Every symptom matters and should have an intervention or referral. Real world considerations like time and money don't seem to matter when it comes to making referrals or accommodating clients in crisis. Thanks for such great material. I am so relieved to have past the test!

I wanted to say thank you for helping me prepare for my test. Several of my friends used your site and claimed it was incredibly beneficial. I used the 90 days subscription and found the same- incredibly easy to navigate and really familiarized myself with the exam. I took my test yesterday and passed!!! Thank you all!

I found this website incredibly helpful. I recommend this site to anyone who feels overwhelmed by standardized tests. The simulations helped me understand the material and how to answer questions to get the most possible points. I took my exam today and passed with flying colors! Thank you!

Just want to share my gratitude for your exam prep. It was the best preparation and provided me with both content and process prep which led to a successful test outcome. I passed with great scores, and had so much extra time. The simulation prep and full exam prep options were invaluable training. I will recommend your program to all. Thanks again!

The practice tests were extremely helpful!! I'm already a licensed, marriage and family therapist and was going for dual licensure. I was a bit nervous since I knew that I wouldn't have the energy to retake the test if I didn't pass the first time. I used aatbs for my mft exam and passed on the first time so I was using it again for this test. However, I realized that the practice tests were way too confusing on aatbs and the explanations were difficult for me to really grasp. So I decided to give this a try in conjunction with aatbs. I went through everything I could and focused on things that I felt I didn't completely understand. Some of the videos were kind of awful. However, there was one professor on the videos (the male professor with the glasses) who I absolutely adored. I could just feel his passion in the subjects which was helpful in understanding the topics. Something went well and I passed the first time taking the test and finished within an hour!

This program has many positives, but some concerning negatives to be aware of. Strengths include the many formats they offer for learning and reviewing information (videos, flip cards, daily email practice questions & many practice scenarios, to name a few). I also liked that they list the study topics available, giving you a lot of options to choose from. The biggest negatives were related to typos & inaccurate information. For example, one flip card defined one diagnostic definition as that of "Dissociative Personality Disorder". There is no such disorder. It should have read DID (Dissociative IDENTITY Disorder). There were numerous others also. However when I alerted them to some of these errors, they were very responsive and said they had made the needed corrections. I think the benefits outweigh the negatives but it did cause me to lose confidence in the remainder of their materials. (I passed my exam this week).
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