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Hello. I took my test today. I did not pass. Missed by 21 points. I only used the study material for a week. I understand that you suggested to study for 3 months to pass. I wanted to say that this site really helped me to undertsand the test and Mental Health. As I practiced the stimulations I learned alot and looked forward to practing them everyday. I took the 3 hour practice exam and passed but today I think I made careless mistakes and need to study a bit harder. Your tools maded me realize that I am a Mental Health Counselor and to take it serious! I was really confident when I went to the test site although I had anxiety all day and just calming down now. What I really liked is how this site made it fun and enjoyable to learn and it pushed me. Also it made me feel comfortable and inspired. Just want to say Thank you and a Big Thanks to all helping us to become a better and greater person in the world to help others. I greatly appreciate it and look forward to studying more so I can pass the second time!!
Mrs. Savage

Maybe just a slight update - CELF-5, GFTA-3, etc. and other assessments now available! Thank you! You guys have been so helpful.

I was very nervous about my ability to pass the exam. The night before I was upset with myself wishing I has spent more time using more parts of the website and spending more time studying. However after my exam I learned I had passed by a larger margin than I thought was possible for me! I wish I had the financial ability to continue using this website as I feel it continues to enhance my knowledge because I feel using this website was helpful for my daily therapeutic practice. It would be interesting to see if other users would be interested in using this website for continued knowledge building and practice to continue to enhance their skills after passing the examination as I know I feel that way strongly. Thank you so much for your help in coming up with a way to study that prepared me for the exam and helped me guide how I studies. Finally I ordered the 15 CD's to listen to in the car as I am an in-home therapist and I spend many hours a week in my car. I personally feel that the quality of the CD's could have been better. I wonder if it is possible to get other people to provide the information. When i was preparing for the NCE exam I listen to CD's that were made my Dr. Howard Rosenthal and they were very entertaining and provided a plethora of invaluable information. I did also use your website for the NCE and it helped me to pass that exam by a large margin as well. Its just a thought that it may be possible to update the information CD's by using better readers, talkers ect. and making it a better quality. However i am still recommending the CD's and the website to all of my coworkers.

The video explanations of theory are just awful. I think the format of presentation of the videos is poorly done as well as the selection of presenters. The website isn't organized in a logic, easily-navigable order.

The exam was too simplistic. It made me anxious how little information is actually in the vignettes; to the point where I started to over complicate the answers. The exam was so simple, it was hard. The vignettes in this website, moderately resemble the DSM-5 update and they were semi-helpful, but they did have a couple of trick questions in there.

The scenarios were great, and very much like the real test. The flashcards were not the best, I wish some of the other information on this site was organized better

The information is too detailed for needs for the test. I spent way too much time studying on your site, which was not necessary for the exam. Waste of time!
S. Jenkins

While the information provided was helpful I found it very disjointed and confusing at times. I also found that there was conflicting information provided in many areas that I had to go to other sources to verify. For the type of operation that this is reported to be there were many typing and grammatical errors, very distracting. Hire someone to do nothing but proof your website and verify information. While I passed, the exam was far easier than your tests, due to the overwhelming amount of material that you said I needed to study my anxiety level for weeks was quite high and unnecessary. Not sure I would recommend your program.

I purchased this package, but I found that several of the responses were incorrect. I made it known, but the response was that it is difficult to keep things updated.

The theories section was one of the sections I really wanted to study up on. However, I was very dismayed to find that the material was in only study note format via theorists rather than theories. The information was hardly applicable. I also found myself studying hard to remember many things that were not on the exam in other sections, then found that there were several things on the exam that I failed to review. Add information about gender and ethnic addiction specific information and statistics. Update/change the highly disappointing theories section.
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