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I passed my LPC exam on the first try...definitely money well spent!

Dr. Linton's site is great! I used it for the LPC and the LCPC. I only had to take both exams once and passed them both with flying colors! Thanks Dr. Linton!

Hello, I refer all the new grads who are studying to the LPCC to your website and study guide. I felt very prepared to take my test and passed easily.

Practice question are not updated

Need to pass test

I didn't work for me- four times in a row.

I passed my exam, but this site did not help at all. Too many errors in the material. I used it for a couple of days, but quit after the frustration of having to work around the errors.

using this tutorial I failed. Questions on the exam are extremely difficult and a lot trickier.

There are many questions in your product to which the answers are incorrect. I don't feel confident using your materials. They are full of errors.

A waste of money. Broad info, and some of the info is NOT correct.
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